Part Number N-50011-C Pipeline Air Drier And Cooler

SKU: 4730013398584

N50011C Pipeline Air Drier And Cooler Datasheet

End Application:
2320-01-318-9902 het (heavy equipment transporter); 2320-01-304-2277 and 2320-01-304-2278 pls (palletized loading system)
Pressure Rating:
125.0 pounds per square inch
Voltage In Volts And Current Type:
24.0 dc
General Description:
Two quick disconnect cables 32 def f. Operating temp air flow 10 cubic ft. Per min
Manufacturer Cage:

Trade Information:
  • Schedule B: 8414902095
  • SITC: 74380
  • End Use: Industrial engines
  • NAICS: 333912
  • USDA: 1

Parts nesoi, of compressors other than refrigerating and air conditioning compressors

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