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We are a distributor of milspec and aerospace standards hardware and consumables. offers a full complement of parts and consumables for all of our products. Our consumables are specifically produced to maximize the performance of our products and provide our customers with the finest quality materials to assure consistent trace sampling and accurate results.

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We are a distributor of milspec and aerospace standards hardware and consumables. offers a full complement of parts and consumables for all of our products. Our consumables are specifically produced to maximize the performance of our products and provide our customers with the finest quality materials to assure consistent trace sampling and accurate results.

We have the ability to fill most any consumable order same-day as we operate multiple warehouse locations with our logistics centers for reliable and quick delivery.

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Spacers Shims Rings Bushings
  • 8432884 externally threaded ring
    NSN 5365-00-937-5718

    3a thread class, right-hand , not casehardened casehardening indicator, 0.500 inches width, 0.593 inches overall length, 3-3/4 in.-16 thread size.

  • CA18029-3 plate spacer
    NSN 5365-01-014-4614

    0.098 inches hole diameter, 0.930 inches overall length, 0.430 inches overall width, 0.310 inches aperture width, 0.310 inches aperture length.

  • NAS1057T4-015 sleeve spacer
    NSN 5365-01-049-6355

    0.1450 inches overall length, 0.3650 inches body outside diameter, 0.2560 inches body inside diameter, square all corners corner shape.

  • AS4114-2 shim
    NSN 5365-01-055-6239


  • 9382M91P01 shim
    NSN 5365-01-181-9677

    1.430 inches overall length, 0.130 inches bolt circle diameter, 1.430 inches overall width, 0.765 inches center to center distance between bolt holes along width.

  • 12E50303-17 shim
    NSN 5365-01-239-6231


  • 6HP5ON-SSV0894 machine thread plug
    NSN 5365-01-247-2821

    2a external thread class, right-hand external , 0.690 inches head diameter, 0.009 inches head height, 0.480 inches overall length.

  • 09A074U01G14-23 tapered spacer
    NSN 5365-01-347-3958

    2.300 inches overall length, 1.400 inches overall width, 0.250 inches cross-sectional height, plastic material, mil-p-18177 mil spec single material response material document and classification.

  • 437342 ring spacer
    NSN 5365-01-469-9648

    Nimitz class cvn end item identification.

  • 5PTC1001L202C16 shim
    NSN 5365-01-509-6234


Commercial Hardware
Fastening Devices
Electrical Insulators And Insulating Materials
  • 52672 spacer insulator
    NSN 5970-00-322-5267


  • ES1113-18 electrical textile sleeving
    NSN 5970-00-816-7171

    0.017 inches wall thickness, 0.040 inches inside diameter, any acceptable overall length, -65.0 deg celsius temp rating, any acceptable environmental protection.

  • M85049/68-1A17C s electrical insulation sleeving
    NSN 5970-01-019-0567

    -55.0 deg celsius temp rating, corrosion resistant environmental protection, 1200 pounds per square inch minimum tensile strength.

  • 75648-1 plate insulator
    NSN 5970-01-137-1301

    3.120 inches overall length, 0.015 inches overall height, 0.250 inches overall width, 0.165 inches first hole diameter, 0.165 inches second hole diameter.

  • 71321434-001 plate insulator
    NSN 5970-01-144-8116

    0.965 inches overall length, 0.009 inches overall height, 0.790 inches overall width, 16 holes 0.040 in. Dia; corners have 0.080 in. Radius .

  • 119867 plate insulator
    NSN 5970-01-171-9372

    5.719 inches overall length, 0.004 inches overall height, 3.218 inches overall width, plastic, polytetrafluoroethylene material and location.

  • 19606-10 washer insulator
    NSN 5970-01-341-5271

    0.255 inches inside diameter, 0.750 inches outside diameter, 0.004 inches overall height, mica, hh-i-536 material and location.

  • TFE300-28BLK electrical insulation sleeving
    NSN 5970-01-391-4093

    0.007 inches wall thickness, 800.0 dielectric withstanding voltage in volts, 0.013 inches inside diameter, 250.0 deg celsius temp rating.

  • 202D253-3-22-2 s electrical insulation sleeving
    NSN 5970-01-397-2612

    Insulation Sleeving.

  • 5912509-2 s electrical insulation sleeving
    NSN 5970-01-478-1655

    Wiring harness, branched 01-463-6972; f/a-18e/f end item identification, agav criticality code justification, (navy) adapter, shrink boot, aircraft .

Packing And Gasket Materials
  • AC1867 preformed mechanical felt
    NSN 5330-00-290-9592

    0.250 inches hole diameter, 3.562 inches bolt circle diameter, 4.438 inches outside diameter, 3.000 inches aperture diameter, 6 bolt hole quantity.

  • 820-5348321SH2,PC44 plain encased seal
    NSN 5330-00-459-4364

    Zzzy criticality code justification, material will be in accordance with navicp mech; activity hx quality control, manufacturing reference number differentiating characteristics.

  • 858135 plain encased seal
    NSN 5330-00-506-3987

    -65.0 deg fahrenheit temp rating, 1.560 inches accommodated shaft diameter, 0.406 inches seal width, 1000 feet per minute accommodated shaft maximum rated speed.

  • 474248 gasket
    NSN 5330-00-658-3520

    Solid single or composition cross-sectional shape style, 1.089 inches outside diameter, 0.823 inches aperture diameter, 0.250 inches cross-sectional thickness.

  • 132-119784-001 gasket
    NSN 5330-01-093-1461


  • 112049 plain seal
    NSN 5330-01-154-5661


  • 330 0889 preformed packing assortment
    NSN 5330-01-423-3557

    Torpedo davit crane, cargotec inc, model hiab 61 end item identification, 7 component quantity, 34914 end item source, hiab61 model number.

  • A6143590 gasket
    NSN 5330-01-440-7712


  • 0259568 gasket
    NSN 5330-01-448-2699

    Rotary compressor p/n 6075ch onboard 400 ft wagb coast guard vessels end item identification.

  • 752-6405276 FIND 19 gasket
    NSN 5330-01-537-6166

    Solid single or composition cross-sectional shape style, 11.000 inches overall length, 11.000 inches overall width, 0.031 inches cross-sectional thickness.

Weapon System Hardware
  • HL644YE-8-14 pin-rivet
    NSN 5320-01-050-5420

    Rivet Pin.

  • MS20470AD5-34 solid rivet
    NSN 5320-01-073-0216

    2.115 inches fastener length, universal head style, 0.067 inches head height, 0.155 inches shank diameter, straight w/chamfered tip shank style.

  • HL411V-6-8 pin-rivet
    NSN 5320-01-326-4353

    3a thread class, right-hand , 0.815 inches fastener length, flush countersunk head style, 0.0791 inches width between flats, 0.2177 inches shank diameter.

  • HLT450AP-6-10 pin-rivet
    NSN 5320-01-329-6716

    3a thread class, right-hand , 0.940 inches fastener length, 0.045 inches head height, 0.0791 inches width between flats, 0.1885 inches shank diameter.

  • HLT452AP-10-13 pin-rivet
    NSN 5320-01-361-8458

    3a thread class, right-hand , 1.3025 inches fastener length, 0.102 inches head height, 0.1270 inches width between flats, 0.3110 inches shank diameter.

  • S4931920-6-10 pin-rivet
    NSN 5320-01-391-5184

    Rivet Pin.

  • HPL528DL-18-23 pin-rivet
    NSN 5320-01-459-7293

    Rivet Pin.

  • BACB30NX6K2 pin-rivet
    NSN 5320-01-469-3857

    Rivet Pin.

  • HL64PB87W8-10 pin-rivet
    NSN 5320-01-527-2122

    3a thread class, right-hand , countersunk w/reverse chamfer head style, 0.077 inches head height, 0.364 inches shank diameter, pin-rivet, tapered, threaded shank style.

  • HL646AP-12-21 threaded pin-rivet
    NSN 5320-01-568-4404

    Rivet Pin.

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