Part Number 2146160 Headless Shoulder Pin

SKU: 5315012736932

Product Features

Counterbore is countersunk 0.234 inch diameter by 60 degree angle


Countersunk first end style, counterbored w/thru hole second end style, 0.957 inches shank length, 0.6869 inches shoulder diameter

2146160 Headless Shoulder Pin Datasheet

First End Style:
Second End Style:
Counterbored w/thru hole
Shank Length:
0.957 inches
Shoulder Diameter:
Between 0.6869 inches and 0.6872 inches
Shank Diameter:
Between 0.6244 inches and 0.6247 inches
Undercut Diameter:
Between 0.604 inches and 0.614 inches
Undercut Width:
0.046 inches
Second End Counterbore Diameter:
Between 0.360 inches and 0.390 inches
Second End Counterbore Depth:
Between 0.031 inches and 0.046 inches
Second End Relationship With First End:
Not identical
Hardness Rating:
54.0 Rockwell c and 58.0 Rockwell c
First End Location:
Long end
First End Countersink Angle:
60.0 degrees
Surface Finish:
32.0 microinches shoulder end
Surface Finish:
8.0 microinches long shank
First End Countersink Diameter:
0.234 inches
Material Specification:
Astm A304 assn standard single material response
Style Designator:
Manufacturer Cage:

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