Part Number 167-7106789-A8 Marine Door Dog

SKU: 2040016413399

30 inch upper hatch hinge detail end item identification, zzzy criticality code justification, yoke assembly , material controlled iaw SS800-AG-MAN-010/P-9290 system certification procures reference number differentiating characteristics

1677106789A8 Marine Door Dog Datasheet

End Application:
30 inch upper hatch hinge detail
Criticality Code Justification:
Part Name Assigned By Controlling Agency:
Yoke assembly
Reference Number Differentiating Characteristics:
Material controlled iaw SS800-AG-MAN-010/P-9290 system certification produres and criteria manual for deep submergence systems critical item for safety and survival of deep submergence research and rescue vehicles as differentiated by special test features
Manufacturer Cage:

Trade Information:
  • Schedule B: 8302494500
  • SITC: 69919
  • End Use: Railway transportation equipment
  • NAICS: 332510
  • USDA: 1

Other base metal mountings, fittings and similar articles for railway vehicles, aircraft, vessels and other vehicles (exc motor vehicles) of sectn 18

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