Part Number MS20426AD5-11 Solid Rivet

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MS20426AD511 Solid Rivet Datasheet

Fastener Length:
Between 0.678 inches and 0.698 inches
Head Style:
Flush (flat) countersunk (included angle - less than 135 degrees w or w/o chamfer)
Shank Diameter:
Between 0.155 inches and 0.159 inches
Shank Style:
Straight w/radius chamfered tip
Head Major Diameter:
Between 0.286 inches and 0.290 inches
Shear Strength:
26000 single pounds per square inch
Countersink Angle:
Between 99.5 degrees and 100.5 degrees
Heat Treatment:
T-4 solution heat treated
Material Specification:
Qq-a-430 federal specification single material response
Surface Treatment Specification:
Mil-a-8625 military specification 1st treatment response or mil-c-5541 military specification 2nd treatment response
Manufacturer Cage:

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Trade Information
  • Schedule B: 7616103000
  • SITC: 69440
  • End Use: Finished metal shapes
  • NAICS: 332722
  • USDA: 1

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