Part Number MS20392-5C34 Headed Straight Pin

SKU: 5315009541289

Pan no. 2 (R1 not required in item description) head style, 0.078 inches chamber length, 0.371 inches diameter, 1.522 inches under head length

MS203925C34 Headed Straight Pin Datasheet

Head Style:
Pan no. 2 (R1 not required in item description)
Chamfer Length:
0.078 inches
Between 0.371 inches and 0.373 inches
Under Head Length:
Between 1.522 inches and 1.542 inches
Hole Arrangement Style:
One end drilled
First Hole Diameter:
Between 0.096 inches and 0.116 inches
Distance From Centerline Of Hole To End Of Pin:
0.135 inches
Hardness Rating:
26.5 Rockwell c and 32.0 Rockwell c
Pin Chamfer Angle:
15.0 degrees
Shear Strength:
16580 double pound
Pin Head Diameter:
0.500 inches
0.062 inches
Material Specification:
Ams 6300 assn standard 1ST material response or MIL-S-6758 military specification 2ND material response or MIL-S-6050 military specification 3RD material response
Surface Treatment Specification:
QQ-P-416, type 2 cl 2 federal specification single treatment response
Style Designator:
Manufacturer Cage:

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Trade Information
  • Schedule B: 7319409000
  • SITC: 69932
  • End Use: Cell phones and other household goods, n.e.c.
  • NAICS: 339993
  • USDA: 1

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