Part Number 88611511B1 ITEM 1 Bearing Unit Housing

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Product Features

Second bearing mounting hole 1.000 in. Diameter min to 1.001 in. Diameter max, centered 3.500 in. Right of vert cl, 0.750 in. Below horiz cl third bearing mounting hole 0.750 in. Diameter min to 0.751 in. Diameter max centered 5.500 in. Left of vert cl, 1.250 in. Below horiz cl 0.250 in. Diameter through hole from base to first bore, tap 0.125 ptf two 0.250-20UNC-2B tapped through holes in face centered 1.120 in. Right of third bearing mounting hole, 0.380 above and below third bearing mounting hole horiz cl

88611511B1ITEM1 Bearing Unit Housing Datasheet

Counterbore Diameter:
2.000 inches
Counterbore Depth:
1.875 inches
Mounting Hole Diameter:
Between 1.282 inches and 1.284 inches
Bore Diameter:
Between 2.0000 inches and 2.0010 inches
Base Thickness:
2.000 inches
Center To Center Distance Between Mounting Holes Along Width:
15.000 inches
Housing Height:
8.250 inches
Housing Width:
17.750 inches
Lubrication Fitting Type:
Pipe plug
Base Length:
2.750 inches
4.4900 inches
Shaft End Type:
Height From Bottom Of Base To Bore Centerline:
6.500 inches
Lubrication Fitting Angle From Horizontal Centerline:
90.0 degrees
Material Specification:
MIL-B-24480 military specification single material response
Manufacturer Cage:

Trade Information:
  • Schedule B: 8482991050
  • SITC: 74699
  • End Use: Industrial machines, other
  • NAICS: 332991
  • USDA: 1

Parts, except inner and outer races, for ball bearings, (including ball bearings with integral shafts)

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