Part Number C5078238-6 Bearing Housing Liner

SKU: 3130012789697

C50782386 Bearing Housing Liner Datasheet

General Description:
1plastic acetal, per l-p-392, tyte 2, class 1; 21.140 in. Min, 21.200 in. Max lg, 0.470 in. Min, 0.500 in. Max w; 2 holes, 0.140 in. Min, 0.145 in. Max dia; countersunk 100 degrees by 0.275 in. Min, 0.285 in. Max dia; 0.058 in. Min, 0.066 in. Max thick
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Trade Information
  • Schedule B: 8482991050
  • SITC: 74699
  • End Use: Industrial machines, other
  • NAICS: 332991
  • USDA: 1

Parts, except inner and outer races, for ball bearings, (including ball bearings with integral shafts)