Part Number MS9209-09 Machine Bolt

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MS920909 Machine Bolt Datasheet

Thread Direction:
Thread Length:
Between 0.589 inches and 0.609 inches
Fastener Length:
0.688 inches
Head Style:
Double hexagon w/hole
Head Height:
0.330 inches
Width Between Flats:
Between 0.305 inches and 0.313 inches
Extended Washer Diameter:
0.438 inches
Extended Washer Thickness:
Between 0.060 inches and 0.070 inches
Thread Diameter:
0.250 inches
Grip Length:
Between 0.079 inches and 0.099 inches
Features Provided:
Finished head
Thready Qty Per Inch (tpi):
Min. Tensile Strength (psi):
130000 pounds per square inch
Hardness Rating:
42.0 rockwell c and 46.0 rockwell c
Minimum Yield Strength:
85000 pounds per square inch
Surface Finish:
32.0 microinches bearing surface of head
Surface Finish:
32.0 microinches grip
Surface Finish:
32.0 microinches threads
Material Specification:
Ams 6304 assn standard single material response
Surface Treatment Specification:
Ams 2416 assn standard single treatment response
Manufacturer Cage:

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Trade Information
  • Schedule B: 7318152000
  • SITC: 69421
  • End Use: Iron and steel products, other
  • NAICS: 332722
  • USDA: 1

Bolts and bolts and their nuts or washers exported in the same shipment